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Verbs (actions)

1ምኻድto go
2ምምጻእto open
3ምኽፋትto open
4ምዕጻውto close
5ምስሓብto pull
6ምድፋእto push
7ኮፍ ምባልto sit
8ምትሳእto stand
9ምሃብto give
10ምውሳድto take
11ምግዛእto buy
12ምሻጥto sell
13ምሕታትto ask
14ምምላስto answer
15ምጽራይto clean
16ምብልሻውto mess up
17ምስባርto break
18ምዕራይto fix
19ምግባርto do
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